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Interview with Fabian from Ticket to Nowhere

Fabian of Ticket to Nowhere

Engineer, Lead Guitarist, Musician and just so happen to be my Brother-in-Law. When I first heard that Fabian was in a band, I thought oh cool, like a high school band? Boy was I wrong. I first heard, "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" in Hawaii before my wedding. Fabian and the entire family was there helping my wife, his sister prepare for our wedding. I was BBQing some Kalbi on the grill and that’s when Fabian broke out his phone and a little speaker. I was blown away and even more blown away that he recorded it in his own home studio. Fast forward 2 years, a live concert that I thought they blew the roofs off and now to here, a new music video.

Tell me about the band, the music you play, and how long you have been playing?

In this constellation the Band exists since three and a half years - since the first days we’re trying to create something new, original pulling inspiration from all the different styles we are/were listening throughout the years. Sometimes it gets experimental, and then soon after it's totally straight. Doing something new in every Song we write is what brings us forward - We’re not that typical metal band – being determined while not taking ourselves too serious is what keeps our music alive!

What was the first song you played?

Uhh, that’s tough, in the beginning I learned a lot of songs partly – the first song I could completely play was Vultures by The Offspring, followed by a lot of other Punk Style Songs from different Bands, from there on I discovered my music taste.

I am impressed that you created a Studio in your room. How did that come about?

Thank you! Building a kinda serious "Home Recording Studio" was a big goal of mine the last few years. Coming from a technical side, I’m always interested in “what’s going on? And how can I make it sound the way I want it to”

I’m happy with how it turned out and it also allows the Band and me a much smoother workflow in writing / recording demos / and reviewing our past Shows.

Ticket to Nowhere Home Studio

What is on your playlist? *Music your currently listening to*

I’m currently listening to a lot of:

- Rise Against – for the energy their Songs have - Periphery – for the complexity in their Songs - Avatar – I just like the funny side of those songs

What bands did you admire or aspire to be?

I did and still do admire a lot of bands, some of the huge names, but equally some of the smaller local Bands – however I don’t want to be like “that” band or “the other”

Every Show I go to has the potential to influence me, and it sure does!

How do you feel about the Swiss Metal scene? Is it growing?

Depends on what you define as Metal, there is a lot going on in the “underground”. There are so many different modern styles, new bands pop up every year and some of the well-known bands go on international tours, others split up just to make Space for another newcomer.

On the other hand there are the bands that “keep alive” the classic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Vibe, Tribute, Cover bands etc.

You can find several Metal concerts every week nearby where you are living – the Mood you get at those shows is often very special and personal, something you don’t get at the big stadium shows.

Support your local scene – is all I can say

What did you learn from making this music video on your own?

It’s a lot of work, I mean a LOT – and It’s totally worth it! We’re really proud of the outcome and about people’s reactions.

I learned that there are sooo many things to be considered: the location, the light, the movements, the colors, effects, the equipment it needs to make it happen.

All of those things can totally throw you off when you’re watching it, you can’t put your finger on it, but you feel something is wrong. Having someone with experience is a big plus and also prevents you from getting lost in all the software possibilities.

Any advice to other bands when making a music video?

Most important? Actually doing it, getting on it and not only thinking or talking about it. As soon as you start, you learn something with every step you make.

Having someone experienced with video shooting while not getting in the way of the creative side is a big plus

Your Blog is a great read and full of advice!

What is next? Concerts? Gigs?

There are some shows coming up, supporting “Mind Patrol” at their Album release is next. Focusing on writing / recording new music is in progress as well. Maybe a new video towards the end of the year?

Where would you like to see your band? Opening for a big band? Played on the radio station? New album?

I would like to see us release an EP in the near future, getting our music spread out, playing shows frequently – not so much opening for a big band, as I don’t really like brass music xD

Where can they find your music?

Visit us at a concert – or on

Thank you for taking the time for the interview any thank you’s or shout outs?

Thank you! – a big shout out to all our followers, the Bands we’ve played with, family and friends

Ticket to Nowhere

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